FleetUp and RoadFlex Create Fleet Expense Management Solution

FleetUp and RoadFlex have integrated their solutions to automate fleet expense management and fuel management, from data collection to reporting.

Together, their fleet management solutions help fleet owners and administrators streamline their operations, the companies said in a Tuesday (July 2) press release.

“By integrating our fleet management platform with RoadFlex’s fuel management tools, we provide a comprehensive solution to prevent fuel fraud and streamline operations,” Ezra Kwak, CEO of FleetUp, said in the release. “FleetUp and RoadFlex are committed to delivering essential technology that helps users and their fleet operators stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.”

FleetUp’s fleet and asset management solution connects assets, employees and worksites to give operations limitless visibility and real-time business insights, according to the release.

RoadFlex’s fleet expense management and fuel card solutions provide commercial fleets with analytics insights, operations automation and fleet reporting that enable them to reduce their overall fleet costs, the release said.

The integrated solution combines these capabilities to ensure fleet cards are used only by the appropriate employees and vehicles, to block and flag suspicious transactions, and to alert managers if the wrong fuel type is purchased for a vehicle, per the release.

“An integration with FleetUp helps our mutual customers make more intelligent decisions,” Dennis Chang, CEO of RoadFlex, said in the release. “This is the new era of fleet automation. Customers save an average of over 10 hours weekly by automating fleet expense management and other administrative tasks.”

Fleet management and fleet payments are experiencing an ongoing transition toward digitization that can provide businesses with more reliable data and an understanding of the total cost of ownership of the vehicles in their fleet, as well as a more granular picture of their employee spending behavior, Daniel Simon, CEO at Coast, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in April.

“All of this together creates better data control, security and visibility for the fleet manager, and a more convenient experience for the driver,” Simon said.

In another transition in the industry, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the transportation sector are now using instant payments more widely than other payment options.

Forty-eight percent of these SMBs identified an instant option as their most used form of payment, according to the “Small Business Real-Time Payments Barometer: Transportation Edition,” a PYMNTS Intelligence and The Clearing House collaboration.

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