Orange Cyberdefense expands partnership with Qualys for better security

Orange Cyberdefense, an established force within the domain of cybersecurity solutions, announces expansion of its partnership with Qualys, Inc., a leading name in the field of disruptive cloud-based security solutions. The primary facet of this development is the integration of Qualys’ cutting-edge capabilities, paticularly their renowned Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) features, into Orange Cyberdefence’s managed Vulnerability Intelligence Service.

The enhanced collaboration will empower worldwide businesses by deploying managed services via Orange Cyberdefense to streamline vulnerability management. This will, in turn, drastically reduce cyber risks, thus allowing the companies to devote more effort and concentration towards their primary business operations.

Jenny Antonsson, Head of Global Vulnerability Operations Center at Orange Cyberdefense, explained the rationale behind the decision to strengthen ties with Qualys: “Expanding our partnership with Qualys felt natural. It is more important than ever for global organisations to effectively prioritise their efforts in their fight against threats which are increasing in complexity and volumes. Partnering with Qualys, complemented by our unique vulnerability intelligence and expertise, achieves exactly that for our customers.”

The enhanced partnership entails the integration of Qualys’ solutions, prominently VMDR, into Orange Cyberdefense’s Managed Vulnerability Intelligence service. This expansion brings a host of benefits for Orange Cyberdefense customers, including improved asset discovery, detection, risk assessment and prioritisation using TruRisk. Importantly, it drastically decreases risk, thereby significantly hastening their ability to respond to threats, effectively prevent breaches and prioritise vulnerabilities.

Dino DiMarino, Chief Revenue officer of Qualys, shared his enthusiasm on this partnership announcement: “It is always exciting to partner with one of the most respected names in cybersecurity and to help their clients measure, communicate and eliminate their cyber risk more effectively. Orange Cyberdefense offers a comprehensive and effective full-service security offering, and we are happy to make their Managed Vulnerability Intelligence Service that much more accurate and scalable with the inclusion of our VMDR capabilities.”

This partnership extension highlights the continuous efforts being made to enhance and adapt cybersecurity measures. With threats constantly evolving in complexity and volume, combined capabilities like these are becoming increasingly crucial in managing and overcoming potential cyber risks.


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