PwC and Quantexa partner to provide tech-solutions

The UK wing of PwC has announced a new partnership with Quantexa, to give its clients the ability to understand and visualise their complex data. Based around the latter’s Decision Intelligence platform, the service will supply a single view of data that becomes a trusted and reusable resource across an organisation.

Scott Samme, financial services partner with PwC UK, commented, “I am very excited that PwC UK will be joining forces with Quantexa to help our clients move from strength to strength. Supporting our clients on their journey to become a data-driven organisations means embracing automated decision-making as an integral part of everyday operations.”

According to Samme, PwC UK will be leveraging the latest technology and AI alongside Quantexa, to give its clients a “360 degree view of the companies they are doing business with”. This will include identifying ways to slow down or prevent fraud, enforce compliance, investigate criminal activities, dispense benefit funds, secure borders, identify fraudulent activities, assure compliance, accelerate revenue growth, enhance customer experience, and more.”

PwC and Quantexa partner to provide tech-solutions

Samme added, “Comprehending these challenges is daunting and costly. By instituting a unified, integrated, and dynamic view of confirmed entities and networks, these challenges can be tackled with greater speed and accuracy, higher performance, and at scale.”

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) platform will also be installed across all PwC UK infrastructure, enabling the firm to bring together multiple sources of third party data on UK companies. This will allow PwC UK to provide insights to its clients on their customers, which can then support their own data analytics.

Extending a pre-existing relationship between the companies, PwC and Quantexa are already working together in the UK, across a wide range of industries from consumer markets and financial services, to government and telecoms. Looking ahead, their new level of connection will help them to provide clients with a continuous stream of relevant and valuable insights presented in context. This can help companies navigate ongoing challenges such as supply chain and procurement risk, financial crime, fraud, Know Your Customer (KYC), data management and customer intelligence.

Quantexa has long been a partner of many other giants from the consulting industry. In 2018, Accenture’s venture wing launched an alliance with the firm to offer solutions tackling money laundering in the financial sector. And in 2021, KPMG also agreed a partnership with Quantexa, deepening its economic and financial crime capabilities.


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