The Top Project Management Software Vendors for 2024

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Project Management Software Marketplace.

Intuitive enterprise project management software empowers companies in various industries to align their teams, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration. With the right solutions, companies can assign tasks to staff members, track progress, and access valuable scheduling and resource management tools.

Project management technology can bridge the gaps between hybrid, remote, and in-office employees, streamline project planning, and optimize communication. It can help organizations manage their budgets and adhere to crucial deadlines and project timelines.

We’ve examined some of the top vendors in the project management landscape to bring you this map of the leading solutions for 2024.

  • Airtable
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Bitrix24
  • Chatter (Salesforce)
  • ClickUp
  • Dropbox
  • FigJam
  • Google Workspace
  • Hive
  • Igloo Software
  • Jira
  • Loom
  • Lucid
  • LumApps
  • MangoApps
  • Microsoft
  • Mural
  • Nifty
  • Notion
  • Trello
  • Workvivo
  • Zoho
  • Zoom (workvivo)


A well-known provider of enterprise project management software, Airtable gives companies a flexible cloud-based ecosystem where they can manage and optimize team performance. The company’s comprehensive toolkit includes features for setting and planning deadlines, viewing employee progress, and allocating resources among teams.

Businesses can even access templates created by Airtable for different project workflows. There are solutions for tracking impending deadlines, building marketing campaigns, managing HR and recruitment strategies, and enhancing software development. Airtable even gives companies access to AI solutions to help improve staff productivity.

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One of the world’s better-known software companies, Asana, produces enterprise project management and work management software for mobile and flexible teams. Asana’s project management solutions come with built-in artificial intelligence powered by the “Work Graph,” giving every employee their own generative AI assistant.

The solutions also integrate with more than 300 enterprise tools, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, and come packed with features for project management, time tracking, resource management, goal setting, and more. Even automation capabilities are available, so companies can build workflows that streamline team performance.

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Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, Basecamp is a cloud-based platform that combines collaboration features with intuitive project management. The company simplifies team and project management with messaging capabilities, to-do lists, one-page dashboards for project tracking, and file storage. There’s a calendar for scheduling requirements and extensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

Business leaders can connect their Basecamp ecosystem to various cloud environments and enterprise-level tools. Users can customize their experience with bespoke notifications, automation, and workflows.

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Bitrix24 is an all-in-one workplace for managing and supporting teams. The flexible ecosystem combines a CRM with collaboration tools for video conferencing, chat, task and project management, and HR automation. Bitrix24 integrates with hundreds of online services and apps and features its own AI-powered assistant, which can be adapted with an AI system of your choice.

The company’s robust toolkit promises ease of use while giving businesses access to critical tools for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. There are lead acquisition and management features, work reports, cloud storage solutions, and visual project management systems, like custom Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

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Chatter (Salesforce)

Produced by leading CRM vendor Salesforce, Chatter is a collaboration-focused enterprise project management software. The solution provides companies with a platform where anyone can share ideas, content, and knowledge, regardless of location. You can track your team’s performance and critical projects in a web-based or mobile feed and build social networking experiences.

Chatter includes tools for workflow automation, with the ability to integrate the ecosystem into your existing tools or custom apps. There’s also the opportunity to upload your own data and knowledge-base solutions into the environment. Plus, Chatter can be integrated with all of Salesforce’s other software solutions.

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Created to simplify project and team management, ClickUp is an all-in-one suite for virtual collaboration. The software offers a range of tools for project management, including tracking solutions, assignments, and dashboards for monitoring progress. Companies can use ClickUp to create sprints, share documents, design forms, and connect users through digital whiteboards.

ClickUp’s technology features built-in collaboration features, including options for creating video clips and annotating documents in real time. There are tools for intelligent workflow automation and a built-in AI assistant for team member support. The AI app can fix spelling and grammar, generate action items, or summarize conversations.

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Best known for its cloud storage solution, Dropbox can also act as a company’s enterprise project management software. The “Dropbox Paper” technology allows organizations to create project management task lists and to-do lists, set deadlines, and assign specific actions to different team members. There are even templates you can use to help align your teams.

Dropbox Paper can send automatic reminders to contributors in your workplace when deadlines are approaching, and it includes collaboration features. Teams can work on projects in real time and @mention other staff members responsible for specific tasks. The solution also integrates with various leading collaboration apps.

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Designed by Figma, FigJam is a collaborative whiteboard for modern teams, empowering employees to brainstorm, build new prototypes, and share ideas. To help businesses get started with its platform, Figma has created a range of over 300 ready-made templates for team meetings, flow charts, project timelines, and more. Plus, the company’s technology features built-in AI.

Generative AI capabilities mean companies can create meeting templates and visualize templates in seconds with simple text-based prompts. FigJam also supports automation with customizable workflows and includes collaboration tools for real-time feedback and communication. There are also various widgets and plugins you can use for different workflows.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an all-in-one portfolio of business apps and collaborative tools created to connect teams of all sizes. The solution comes with access to features like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more, all of which can help businesses to align their teams and manage projects. Plus, the system can integrate with other project management apps.

Google Workspace is also beginning to roll out generative AI features powered by Google’s latest LLM solution, Gemini. This enterprise-grade generative AI solution brings powerful features for summarization, task automation, and more to a range of Google applications.

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Hive is a cloud-based project management tool used by leading companies like Starbucks and Toyota. The platform comes with a range of templates to help you start your workflows, with options for Gantt charts, creative work, product roadmaps and more. Companies can also choose from a range of project views, including list, calendar, table, Kanban, and portfolio views.

Hive’s features include solutions for setting business goals, collaboration tools for real-time teamwork, reporting and analytics capabilities, and workflow automation. The technology can also integrate seamlessly with various tools, from Zoom and GitHub to Dropbox and Zendesk.

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Igloo Software

Designed as an intranet for the digital workplace, Igloo brings workforces together in a virtual environment where they can share ideas and content. The all-in-one platform includes capabilities for knowledge management, communication, employee engagement, and gamification. Plus, there are a range of flexible tools for project management, such as to-do lists and templates.

Igloo’s software uses artificial intelligence to provide businesses with a recommendation engine that helps guide team members toward the next best action in any project. The technology can also integrate with various platforms and has its own digital assistant.

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Produced by Atlassian, Jira is an enterprise project management software solution, delivered through the cloud. The technology is intended to support any agile team, with scrum and kanban options, comprehensive roadmaps, and reports. You can use Jira for everything from sprint planning and version management to time tracking.

The solution allows companies to create their own custom workflows, monitor bugs in software development projects, and enable real-time collaboration between teams. Jira integrates with leading collaboration and communication apps and can be customized to suit virtually any business model or environment.

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Loom takes a different approach to empowering businesses than most enterprise project management tools. The company focuses on aligning staff members with a system for quickly recording and sharing AI-powered videos and messages. The platform offers a screen recorder system, as well as comprehensive features for editing and personalizing content.

Plus, with Loom, users have the option to share or embed videos anywhere, including in Slack and Google Workspace. Loom’s technology includes enterprise-grade security with custom video privacy controls. Moreover, users can take advantage of transcriptions, closed captions, custom backgrounds, and video or viewer insights.

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Lucid software produces a range of tools to empower teams. The company’s Lucid Visual collaboration suite gives organizations a shared space to visualize project timelines and map critical milestones. You can transform action items into tasks in seconds, assign them to specific team members, and even facilitate real-time brainstorming sessions.

Lucid’s software makes it easy to map cross-functional processes and track key performance metrics in a single ecosystem. Plus, companies can access the Lucidchart technology to help design wireframes, templates, and project timelines. Lucid’s tools also integrate with various file storage, collaboration, and resource management apps.

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Producing solutions for the digital workspace, LumApps is an intranet company with a platform that offers companies a range of easy-to-use tools. Users can take advantage of video-enabled upskilling solutions, customizable task and journey management, and content management tools. There’s also an AI-driven personal assistant available to help boost productivity.

With LumApps, businesses can build and manage comprehensive internal campaigns, marketing strategies, and employee journeys. The AI-powered platform integrates with various business tools, including solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Plus, it can be customized to address the needs of businesses in multiple industries.

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MangoApps describes itself as the ultimate employee experience platform. Aside from offering companies access to enterprise project management software, MangoApps also provides tools for employee surveys, internal communications, and staff wellbeing. The company’s project management solutions make it easy to assign and track the progress of different tasks across your ecosystem.

They also allow organizations to share knowledge seamlessly through the cloud and provide access to real-time communication and collaboration tools. Companies can also take advantage of specific add-ons, like generative AI assistants, office task management systems, and a dedicated ideal management apps for business creativity.

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Microsoft’s comprehensive range of business tools encompass everything from collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams to office software. Microsoft Project is the company’s enterprise project management software solution, equipped with multiple project view options (board, grid, Gantt, and more). It integrates with Microsoft Teams, offers coauthoring capabilities, and includes tools for project planning, scheduling, and reporting.

Microsoft Project allows companies to build interactive roadmaps for projects, track resource management, and even access demand management capabilities. Plus, it can integrate with Microsoft’s Copilot solution. This generative AI solution helps companies assess potential risks, receive intelligent suggestions, and monitor issues with projects.

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Offering both CRM solutions and enterprise project management tools, the platform is built for flexible teams. This solution allows companies to plan projects using easily customizable templates and Gannt charts, assign tasks to employees, set due dates, and more. The versatile platform gives companies complete control over their data and a customizable range of reports and dashboards for monitoring metrics. also supports the creation of custom automated workflows to help reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks in your organization. Plus, it can integrate with various business tools, from Slack to Dropbox, to centralize your data in one place.

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Mural is a visual collaboration and work platform, built for teams. It allows companies to create project timelines and workflows, and align distributed teams in one environment. The system comes with templates for generating and organizing ideas, planning projects, and even mapping customer journeys. You’ll also gain access to generative AI through a Microsoft Copilot integration.

Copilot for Mural is an intelligent assistant, providing guidance on which tasks can be automated and summarizing essential data in seconds. Mural integrates with various business productivity tools and features a vast selection of meeting outlines, resizable canvas options, and integrated data security solutions.

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Described as a “project management operating system,” Nifty includes various tools for companies to help them set goals, track timelines, and complete projects according to their budget. With Nifty, you can plan comprehensive workflows, automate tasks like lead qualification, and access real-time reports into business progress.

There are multiple project management views to explore, including calendars and dashboards. What’s more, you can unify Nifty with existing tools like Asana and Basecamp and combine those integrations with your workflow automation strategies. Nify even includes forms, file storage features, task management tools, and time-tracking capabilities.

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Notion is a connected workspace solution for flexible teams that blends multiple business apps into one environment. The enterprise project management software is infinitely configurable, with various views to choose from, including timelines and Kanban boards. Users can create checklists and to-do lists, assign task deadlines, and track priorities in one place.

The Notion ecosystem also allows companies to create automated workflows that streamline task flows, bug reports, and more. Users can create tasks and subtasks, set dependencies, and even review progress bars to see how productive each employee is. There are also built-in AI tools to add content to your project templates automatically.

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One of the better-known enterprise project management solutions available today, Trello, is a simple kanban-style solution built for teams. With Trello, companies can assign specific tasks to team members based on their skills, set due dates for projects, and share knowledge over the web. There are also options for automating tasks with a built-in visual workflow builder.

Trello’s technology gives businesses and individual users complete control over their daily to-do list, with assignments, timelines, and productivity metric insights. Plus, the platform can integrate with various leading business solutions such as Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive.

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Combining collaboration and communication with enterprise project management software, Workvivo is a complete employee experience platform. The solution includes tools for employee interaction, as well as campaign management, with scheduling, task assignments, and deadlines. Companies can design community spaces for real-time collaboration and leverage built-in document storage and knowledge base solutions.

Workvivo also helps companies optimize their team’s performance with a range of reporting and analytical tools intended to transform data into actionable insights. The all-in-one platform also integrates with Slack, Trello, Office 365, and other tools.

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Responsible for various business software tools, such as CRM and sales technology, Zoho also produces project management software for teams. The Zoho Projects platform gives companies a  comprehensive dashboard where they can plan projects with calendars, Gantt charts, boards, and more. You can even log employee minutes, for accurate pay management.

Zoho’s platform features task automation capabilities with a drag-and-drop workflow builder and can integrate with hundreds of third-party apps. Companies can also take advantage of various charts and reports, project administration tools, and resource utilization charts.

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Zoom (Workvivo)

Best known for its video conferencing technology, Zoom partners with other market leaders in the enterprise project management software space to create comprehensive tools for teams. The organization recently purchased Workvivo to implement its technology into its platform. The Workvivo solution built into Zoom allows companies to instantly access activity feeds, community spaces, and project management tools within their Zoom client.

Like Workvivo’s standalone solution, the technology integrated with Zoom also includes access to surveys and dashboards, polls, adoption analytics, and metric tracking capabilities. Plus, hundreds of integrations and API frameworks are available for aligning your tools.

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