How Burger King Enhanced Its Security Systems Its Way Across 95 Branches

AlarmLink Oslo AS is a security installation company that operates throughout the entire country. The installer has recommended Ajax devices as a professional solution that meets the most stringent security standards.

Inside the Installation

Each restaurant was equipped with Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel. This model supports a great number of security devices and user groups. It is crucial for further scaling, as it allows for accommodating expanding security needs without major infrastructure changes.

With four communication channels and LTE support, the hub can be connected to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi while having two cellular services ready for back up. It guarantees connectivity to Ajax Cloud and the central monitoring station under any conditions.

Through the Ajax app, restaurant executives with admin rights can manage the security system directly from their smartphones. They receive immediate notifications when someone enters restricted areas, as KeyPad Jeweller is installed at the service premises entrance.

Restaurant staff integrated Ajax devices into their routine, using the Ajax app as the primary interface for the system. Managers arm the system when they leave and disarm it upon the arrival. They can efficiently control access to restricted areas and receive real-time notifications for any security breaches.

This integration not only ensures smooth restaurant operations but also enhances premises security and monitoring at all times.

All suggested features were seamlessly integrated with Burger King’s existing video surveillance system because third-party cameras can be easily added into the Ajax app. With Ajax technologies, the restaurant chain effortlessly eliminated the need for costly new installations. This straightforward integration not only enhanced security measures but also saved the company money.

Ajax Systems offers security solutions that not only keep things safe but also blend in nicely with any environment. Therefore, the sleek and modern look of Ajax products contributes to a welcoming and safe dining experience for customers.

Why Burger King Chose Ajax

Cost savings on installation. In certain countries, such as Norway, installing security devices can be expensive due to taxes and other related costs. Ajax reduced this expense item by half. The devices are ready to use out of the box, easy to install, and can be added to the system by scanning a QR code.

Seamless integration with existing security system. Ajax’s partners, specialists from AlarmLink Oslo AS, took a balanced approach and effectively integrated the existing video surveillance system with the Ajax security system.

Easy system management. Ajax solutions are excellent for chain companies, as they streamline the application of security features across all locations. Staff can quickly learn to use the system, which is especially important for businesses with high employee turnover rates.


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