Proactive Security Company NetSPI Acquires Hubble

Proactive security solution company NetSPI announced the acquisition of Hubble Technology, a cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) and cybersecurity posture management solution. The integration of Hubble’s Asset Intelligence and CAASM product, Aurora, into The NetSPI Platform will empower security teams to achieve complete visibility of their rapidly evolving attack surfaces and tackle asset and exposure management challenges.

Hubble’s agentless CAASM platform offers organizations to continuously identify new assets and risks, remediate security control blind spots, and gain a better view of their security posture by providing an accurate inventory of cyber assets, both external and internal. And Hubble was founded in 2020 with the backing of Accel, CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, and Paladin Capital. The company’s Founder, Tom Parker, will join NetSPI as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Through the acquisition of Hubble, NetSPI will deliver both EASM and CAASM capabilities within The NetSPI Platform to continuously discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and exposures across the entire IT asset estate from the cloud to bring-your-own-device (BOYD) and industrial control environments. And this will also significantly enhance and accelerate NetSPI’s ability to accurately prioritize risk associated with assets and vulnerabilities in customer networks and help them assess the exposure to their most important assets relative to these risks.

As CTO, Tom will be driving business growth through innovation across NetSPI’s proactive security solutions and partner with customers to keep pace with the ever-changing technology and threat landscapes. Before forming Hubble, Tom was CTO at Accenture Security, leading growth strategy and M&A. And he joined Accenture Security through the sale of his previous startup FusionX, which was an early pioneer in commercial cybersecurity red teaming.


“This acquisition is one of the most notable milestones on our journey from point-in-time pentesting to technology-enabled proactive security. You can’t secure what you don’t have visibility into. We support the most trusted brands on Earth giving them visibility into external/cloud assets and exposures. With Hubble’s CAASM solution, we can provide comprehensive, 360-degree visibility while delivering telemetry and insights across the entire IT estate. We are thrilled to welcome Tom and Hubble to team NetSPI and look forward to the expertise he will bring as our new CTO driving innovation across our products.”

  • Aaron Shilts, CEO at NetSPI

“The security industry notoriously creates siloed solutions that only address a small part of the problem. That’s not the case with NetSPI. For the first time, with the introduction of CAASM, security leaders will have a holistic end-to-end view of their security posture in a single platform. I am delighted to join this proactive security powerhouse as their new CTO, helping customers reduce risk, drive efficiency, and strengthen the confidence that their security platforms represent a full picture of their environment.”

  • Tom Parker, Founder of Hubble and NetSPI CTO



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