Rising enterprises expected to lead in $2tn clean tech funding by 2024

Twelve rising enterprises are anticipated to monopolize on a significant slice of the expected $2tn clean tech funding by 2024. Having already amassed $35bn in the past four years via venture capital investments, these startups are pioneering innovations that tackle global environmental challenges, ranging from renewable energy to energy-efficiency technologies.

In spite of fluctuating market conditions and tougher legislations, these companies display resilience and inventiveness that fuels their growth and adds to the surging clean tech investments.

Latest trends indicate that more investors are drawn to the potentially lucrative returns of the clean tech sector and its vital role in fostering a sustainable future. The increasing demand for inventive, eco-friendly technology solutions is due to an intensified focus on sustainable living and growing energy expenses.

These budding companies expect to seize this expanding market, utilizing their creativity to present products and services that are not only economically feasible but also beneficial in combating global environmental crises. With their rapid expansion projected to persist due to increased funding, these startups are poised to sculpt the future of the clean tech industry.

Looking ahead to 2024, these new enterprises stand to benefit from the increased clean tech funding, potentially becoming gamechangers in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative solutions.

These firms prioritize renewable energy production, distribution, and storage. Main investment sectors include wind, solar, nuclear technology, and miniature power. Simultaneously, these companies are exploring potential discoveries concerning energy conservation and efficiency. Investment is also being driven into hydropower, geothermal energy, and corporations working on innovative energy storage solutions, all under the looming urgency to transition to sustainable energy sources and practices.

The most funded startup is ReNew Power, an Indian renewable energy business, that has received about $9bn. Noteworthy for being Nasdaq’s first Indian renewable listed business, it currently generates a clean energy capacity of 15.6GW.

Emerging enterprises tapping into clean tech funding

Trailing, but having received substantial attention recently, is Sinovac Biotech, a Beijing-based biopharmaceutical company, gathering nearly $8.2bn through funding. Known for its crucial role in developing one of the earliest COVID-19 vaccines, Sinovac’s vaccine, CoronaVac, is distributed globally and significantly contributes to worldwide vaccination rates.

Nearly matching these giants is SpaceX, a prominent American space manufacturing and travel company that has raised about $6.3bn. Known for its revolutionary Falcon and Starship rockets, SpaceX’s ambitious projects like its plan to inaugurate a colony on Mars is generating global interest.

In fourth place is Databricks, a data processing and AI company that has garnered approximately $5.5bn in funds. As a major cloud-based Big Data analytics player, Databricks is recognized for its Unified Analytics Platform that assists businesses in effectively managing and analyzing vast amounts of data.

Not to exclude from spotlight are the green companies thriving in the clean tech industry. Among them, Greenko Group has managed to accumulate $5bn in funds and has an installed capacity of 7.5 GW. Matching its financial status is U.S.-based firm, Intersect Power, that has also secured $5bn in funding. On the other hand, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a nuclear power-based company backed by almighty investors like Italian oil tycoon Eni and tech enthusiast Bill Gates, has accrued $2 billion in funding.

These companies, varied in industry backgrounds, are bound together by the breakthroughs and progress they’re spearheading, thus justifying their significant startup funding. The provided financial figures take into account the total capitals these companies have gathered since their inception. These sums embody the hefty financial backing and investments accrued over time, signifying their overall financial stability and economic influence in their respective sectors.


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